Water Conservation Showcase

Come check out the 7th Annual Water Conservation Showcase tomorrow! Design Ecology will be showcasing native plants in a water efficient, light weight living wall system. It’s at the Pacific Energy Center in downtown SF, hosted by the USGBC www.usgbc-ncc.org/wcs We have plants for shade and sun, beautiful succulents, herbs, blooming irises, coral bells and more…

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  1. esme Says:

    I love the fern panel…josiah, any chance that this type of business can be brought to low-income communties?

  2. esme Says:

    p.s. the fern panel reminded me of a lost native-plant paradise i recently ran into in the suburban hills of belmont :)

  3. Josiah Says:

    Glad to hear that! That is exactly what we would like people to think of when they see these. That is also where I get my inspiration from when selecting plants. To answer you other question: this particular application probably wouldn’t work for low-income projects but we have also developed simpler, low-tech systems that might work. We’re trying to find ways to enable people in very dense areas to grow herbs and edibles and also providing some much needed green space.

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